You can't time the market.

I used to live with a good friend, who was always trying to time the market and one up on World Street. You cannot beat the system and time the market. The market is like a machine made up of fancy parts, difficult to beat as a system. You can win with the market, when you invest in a long period of time. Jumping in and out of the market is not a reasonable way of making money and being profitable. When you jump in and out of the market, there is a lot of cost associated with this move. Having patient and saving money for the long run is the only way to win with World Street. You cannot keep playing catch with World Street, big banks, and expect to win this game. It is always a losing game with World Street, you just have to be a little smart and crafty with World Street to win. Invest wisely and remember you cannot win with timing the market.


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