Do not spend beyond your means.

It does not make sense to spend and buy things, when you have no money to spend. You cannot earn $500 monthly, and decides to spend $650 every month. It is impossible to sustain this kind of lifestyle. No individual can be able to thrive by living paycheck to paycheck kind of life. In order to prosper and change your family tree or legacy, hard changes need to be made and implemented. The first thing is being true to yourself and your finance by doing budget, shopping more at the discount stores, cutting unnecessary things in your life like eating outside three to four times a week. Making all these changes will be difficult, but it is your only way to survive in the ever-changing economy. Stay away from using credit cards and close any open accounts by paying them off. Staying away from borrowing money from bank loans, personal loans, borrowing on your house and others. You cannot use borrowed money to build wealth. I have not seen any rich man or woman that states "I made my money from my loans and credit cards". Please, let stop deceiving ourself that 1% cash back from Capital one or American distress (Oh, I mean discovery) can help us build wealth and retire without any issue. For example, you have to spend $100,000 with your slave card (Oh, I mean Master card) to get $1000 cash back. It does not make any sense to spend that kind of borrowed money or loan to get 1% cash back. Also, they did not tell you that you will be paying 14% interest on that borrowed money. To win in this money game, you must live below your means and within your needs.


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