The Mistakes We Make everyday About Money.

Here are some of the mistakes we make everyday: It can be cars that we cannot afford, personal loans or house mortgage causing people to file bankruptcy. Here are some money myths that will keep you broke and not compete in today's society. So, why are people still making money mistakes and not changing their ways. Most people are still mismanaging their money and still blaming the society for not setting a law. Please, do not buy into the society popular money myths. Here are some myths that are bad for your money.

1). Debt is a tool.
2). Car payments are a way of life.
3). Loaning money to your family show you care.
4). You cannot go to college without student loans.
5). You can make enough money to catch-up on your retirement.
6). You already understand spending your money, so you do not need a budget. 


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