The life of every young man and woman.

I don't believe that there is any young man or woman who want to continue living a debt life like the generation before them. I do believe that everyone out in the society wants to live a debt free life. In order to live a debt free life, there is a lot of work that needs to be accomplish. You cannot wish to be a good baseball player without putting in the work on the field everyday. You cannot be a good football player without practicing every single day to make it possible. You cannot win the American Idol show without practicing your singing skill everyday in your room or outside for people to offer suggestions. Every man or woman want to be successful in life, success requires hard work and dedication. It is important that every young man and woman should study personal financial education, so they would not make the same mistakes their parents and grandparents made. The world is changing and only the financial skilled and strong will survive. Only the financially wise and skilled will continue to produce for the consumers in the society, while the consumers keep living on paycheck to paycheck-weekly, monthly, and yearly.  Most people are born into the consumer family, where a handful of others are born in the producer family. It is possible to change from consumer family to producer family, but it requires hard work and financial education.  Every young man and woman wants a better life than their parents. So, young men and women should put in the work by studying great financial writers and experts like Dave Ramsey, Joshua Sheets, Zig Ziglar, Seth Godin, Chris Hogan, and others. Make your life worth living, by changing the future destination of your financial future. Your financial future and ball is in your court, grab it and hit it out of the court.


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