Earn interest and do not pay interest.

Interest is a very important topic to understand and use in today's financial world and investment. No one can be financially secure without letting interest work for them and not against them. When you have no interest to pay on your credit cards, personal loan, student loan and consumer loan, your money can work for you by earning interest. Interest is the eight wonder of the world, it can either work for us or against us. When you are buying all your Starbuck coffee on your credit card, the accumulating interest is working against you, while earning interest in your investment is a way that it is working for you. Most wealthy people always allow interest to work for them and not against them. A recent survey suggested that most wealthy people stated that the number one thing to help you build wealth is staying out of debt, no credit cards, saving your income, and earning interest in your assets. It is hard to build wealth and secure a better future, if you keep spending all your income on interest.


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