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Have you thought of your financial future today

The goal for everyone is to have a great life, live like no other person around. But, we need to plan for it and prepare for the future. We cannot live without a plan and hope that someone will take care of us. If, you fail to plan, you plan to fail. I hope you can make a difference today. One day One change.

Conversation about Friendship.

Hey First Class Family, here is a video talking about quality friendship and picking people who can win with you. It is essential to associate with people who are always in your team and not fair weather friends. Make friendship an art to be appreciated and not neglected or ignored. Merry Christmas and happy new year, my first class family.

Conversation about holiday spending.

Hey my first class family, here is a video discussing the effect of holiday spending and how it can affect your budget, saving, and investment. You are the owner of your future and buying something today that you cannot afford will not help you to plan accordingly. Instead, it will be a road block for your today, tomorrow, and your future. Please, keep careful when you are buying all those items without any money or financial plan to pay for it now. You do not want Christmas to pass and you are still paying for those gifts in September 2017.

The best advice to change your life in 18 minutes by Tai Lopez (Ted Talk).

Hey my first class family, how many of us want the best life possible, but are we ready to work for it? Everyone wants a good life, but who want to sacrifice for it? It is essential to find the gem that will make your life worth living and it can be done by studying, reading great books, and seeking help of great mentors. The beautiful life is close for us to grasp and the world will be yours. Go out and seek great mentors, then they will enrich your life with knowledge and wisdom beyond the sky. The world can be yours, if you work for it and the sky can have your name written on it. Everyone out there, have the power to change their destiny, future, and the power within them.

You can make your heaven or hell on Earth.

Hey, my first class family, I hope you all are having a blast with family, friends, and enjoying the holiday season. During the holiday period, it is important to plan and strategize for your financial future. I truly believe that it is for one's sake and legacy to make their own heaven or hell in life. As you continue to push through life's struggle and make it daily. Remember, the beginning of everything in life including finance, marriage, wealth, goal, vision, career, education, and family should come with the ending in mind. Awful things will happen to you, me, and majority of people, but do not let it weigh you down. Life will bring obstacles from left, right, middle, and problems from other people. Do not give up, continue to get up after each fall and life will get tired of you and let off the hold on you. Then, the sky will not be able to keep you from rising beyond. Believe in yourself, do not give up on yourself, fight each day as your last, at least if you succeed t

A conversation about the middle class.

Hey my first class family, below is a short conversation video about middle class America by two friends. It is just a conversation to get the discussion started on the importance of uplifting people and society.

Americans Are Paying Apple Millions to Shelter Overseas Profits by Andrea Wong.

Hey my first class family, check out this article to see how companies are hiding or stealing tax payers' money in the United States.

Truly the best documentary that will impact your life right now.

Hey First Class Family,         This is the best documentary that have impacted my life. I am telling you-my first class family that you can change and improve your life, if you seek the best tool to do that. This documentary called "The Secret" gives you the very best techniques and tools in improving, promoting and winning in life, finance, family, relationships, goal setting, and achievements. In order, for each of you to win, check out this secret and implement them into your life and then you will win.

My Inspiration video for today by Zig Ziglar.

Hey First Class Family,         I wanted to share with you this video of inspiration from Zig Ziglar that helped me to get through the day. It has not been an easy 2016 and I know the year 2017 will be awesome and great. If your day and year has not been great. I hope you can use this video to inspire and build your hope for the future. Have a great day.

The decision today will not only affect you, your present family, but your future family, and legacy.

To build a successful future, it depends on us to make our dream or break our path to an amazing journey. We can only win, if we set out goals and visions for our successful future. If, we did not set out goals to win in life, we will not win. For those who refuses to set goals or try to forget about it intentionally will always have difficult trying to succeed in this game called life. The decision that you and I set today can be the change we need in life and help win in the process. In addition, if we continues to forget about our future, it is not only us that will struggle but our family, future generation, and our legacy in life. Everyone have a legacy that we leave behind and it is not only the rich that leave a legacy. But, the common person on the street has one too. Remember that every single decision that we make in life have a Pro and Con.  Ten or Fifteen years down the road, the goal for everyone is to live a life that we will be proud off close to the end of our life. Mak