Money and Relationship.

Do you think that most couples argument is about money? The recent survey shows that 63% of couples think that their significant other overspends in many ways, according to TD bank. Money is the leading cause of fight and divorce in North America. Those little fights can cause serious marital problems as time goes on based on the National Council on Family Relations. It is extremely important to figure out how to argue with your significant other in a productive way. In addition, to cultivate a solid marriage and relationship, it is essential for couples to take time to work on their relationship and money. Marriage brings people from different backgrounds and different life experiences together, if they can succeed they need to work on their money and relationship daily. Whether couples realize it or not, money issues can cause havoc in relationship and lead to a fail marriage.

The Seven Area of Conflict in Marriages:

1). Separate but equal.
2). Lifestyles.
3). Personality Differences.
4). Income.
5). Unfaithfulness.
6). Expectations.
7). Children.

Marriage is a partnership between two different people for a reason. Remember, you need their skill the ones you do not have and they need your skills the ones they do not have. The uniqueness of your characteristics from nerds and free spirits can bring valuable insight and knowledge to the strength of the team. They are your mate, great partner and relationship best friend, so start working with them to create and win.


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