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Life After Financial Independence.

Marrying Your Equal Is Better Than Marrying Rich.

How Much Should People Have Saved In Their 401Ks At Different Ages.

The First Million Might Be The Easiest: How To Become A Millionaire By Age 30.

The Rise Of Stealth Wealth: Ways To Stay Invisible From Society If You Have Money.

How To Build Passive Income For Financial Independence

Financial Samurai

Break the cycle of student loan or debt.

How many of your friends do you know that still have student loan debt years after they have graduated from college? How much do you have personally on your student loan? Do you have $50,000, $60,000, $70,000 or $80,000 and you are making $40,000 annually? From these numbers, it is impossible to pay off the loan, even if you are the best math wizard in the world. A recent survey shows that only 52% of students graduates from college, while 70% graduating students have loans, less than 10% don't know what rate they are paying back. You have to be a brilliant consumer of knowledge in order to escape the student loan crisis. Stay away from student loan, if you want to go to college from now on.  The best way to do this is to go on google and search for scholarships which has tens of thousands of scholarships.  There is no way someone will apply to 100 scholarships and you will not get between 7-10 scholarships. These are free money that will help you to graduate debt free. The goal is

Earn interest and do not pay interest.

Interest is a very important topic to understand and use in today's financial world and investment. No one can be financially secure without letting interest work for them and not against them. When you have no interest to pay on your credit cards, personal loan, student loan and consumer loan, your money can work for you by earning interest. Interest is the eight wonder of the world, it can either work for us or against us. When you are buying all your Starbuck coffee on your credit card, the accumulating interest is working against you, while earning interest in your investment is a way that it is working for you. Most wealthy people always allow interest to work for them and not against them. A recent survey suggested that most wealthy people stated that the number one thing to help you build wealth is staying out of debt, no credit cards, saving your income, and earning interest in your assets. It is hard to build wealth and secure a better future, if you keep spending all your

Do not have housing loan or personal loan in retirement.

Every reasonable financial advisor will ask you to not carry debt especially mortgage or personal loan in retirement. Paying off your mortgage before retirement is one of the beneficial move, to make before retirement. You can secure your retirement and remain stress-free by paying off debts. When you use limited income in retirement to pay off mortgage, it leads to a more stressful retirement with seniors. Mortgage debt can make a senior citizens to not pay for their medications, light, water, and foods. Senior citizens cannot go back to working 80 hours a week, so it is essential to eliminate mortgage debt before retirement. In addition, we do not know how long social security can survive and thrive with limited balanced book. Encouraging friends and families to pay off their mortgage and personal loan before retirement, is the perfect way to enjoy retirement and remain stress-free.

Do not spend beyond your means.

It does not make sense to spend and buy things, when you have no money to spend. You cannot earn $500 monthly, and decides to spend $650 every month. It is impossible to sustain this kind of lifestyle. No individual can be able to thrive by living paycheck to paycheck kind of life. In order to prosper and change your family tree or legacy, hard changes need to be made and implemented. The first thing is being true to yourself and your finance by doing budget, shopping more at the discount stores, cutting unnecessary things in your life like eating outside three to four times a week. Making all these changes will be difficult, but it is your only way to survive in the ever-changing economy. Stay away from using credit cards and close any open accounts by paying them off. Staying away from borrowing money from bank loans, personal loans, borrowing on your house and others. You cannot use borrowed money to build wealth. I have not seen any rich man or woman that states "I made my mon

Breaking News-New Jersey Residents only.

Do you live in New Jersey and are you wealthy? or You know someone who lives in New Jersey. I have a very important Estates Tax plan for you.  Do not die until 2018, New Jersey have just changed their Estates Tax Law. Starting January 1, 2018, they have eliminated their Estates Tax Plan. That means no tax on any Estate in New Jersey.

Preparing for future financial crisis.

Are you prepared for any future financial crisis? How is your emergency funds looking? Will you be ready, if there is a Corporate or Global meltdown today? These are important questions that we need to consider today and prepare for the unknown with the Global and United States economy. Each of us need to start preparing for Global meltdown or recession in a few years like the one we had in 2008. I don't know how severe it will be, but once you are prepared, then you will be spot-free. Based on the recent United States and Global GDP, things are not looking up for  United States, China, Nigeria, EU and other countries around the World. China cannot keep lowering the value of their currency and export their economy out of trouble.  The EU and Feds cannot keep printing money like you are pouring water into a pot and be able to pull their economies out of sluggish pace. The QE was a brilliant idea initially, but it was a hinderance to the market and free enterprise due to its long dur

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Canadian Payday Loans

Beat debt fast: Up and down with World Street, while Main Street i...

Beat debt fast: Up and down with World Street, while Main Street i... : When will the common people learn from the same pattern of behavior from gambling World Street; World Street has been playing the common peo...

Beat debt fast: Behavioral finance

Beat debt fast: Behavioral finance : Understanding finance is a complex topic or study that most people have difficulties grasping. It is like hearing a foreign or new language,...

Beat debt fast: You can't time the market.

Beat debt fast: You can't time the market. : I used to live with a good friend, who was always trying to time the market and one up on World Street. You cannot beat the system and time ...

You can't time the market.

I used to live with a good friend, who was always trying to time the market and one up on World Street. You cannot beat the system and time the market. The market is like a machine made up of fancy parts, difficult to beat as a system. You can win with the market, when you invest in a long period of time. Jumping in and out of the market is not a reasonable way of making money and being profitable. When you jump in and out of the market, there is a lot of cost associated with this move. Having patient and saving money for the long run is the only way to win with World Street. You cannot keep playing catch with World Street, big banks, and expect to win this game. It is always a losing game with World Street, you just have to be a little smart and crafty with World Street to win. Invest wisely and remember you cannot win with timing the market.

Behavioral finance

Understanding finance is a complex topic or study that most people have difficulties grasping. It is like hearing a foreign or new language, unfamiliar to others. That is how finance is, in order to grasp and do well in finance. It is essential to understand and master your behavior with money. You cannot have a love/hate relationship with money and expect to win in this money game. In order to win with money, you have to reshape your behavior and treat money as a friend and companion, not the enemy.  The best way to make your money work is through budgeting. Budget tells your money to behave and you have to control your emotion in-relation to handling your money. Make your money work and act accordingly to your plan. You cannot let Apple store, shopping, and buying things on emotion control your money and income. You have to tell your wants to wait, and focus on your needs. The way, you handle money will determine whether you have a better future or continue to be a slave to corporate

Up and down with World Street, while Main Street is always going down.

When will the common people learn from the same pattern of behavior from gambling World Street; World Street has been playing the common people like a game. The market is always up and down, you cannot rest your future and progress in World Street. Main Street have been struggling every single year and things need to change or the common people will suffer for a long time. World Street is like flash boys and will continue to be one.  I am not saying, don't invest in mutual funds or ETF, but not single stocks. But, single stocks is a big risk, a bad PR by the company means your money and stock is gone. So, why should we wait for 65 years or 70 years to enjoy the money, we worked hard for, and have been contributing into the market.  Why not enjoy a better life and invest in yourself, start a small business to secure your now and future. I believe that every individual should use half of their income to start a business which they have a passion and tested the business to make sure i

The life of every young man and woman.

I don't believe that there is any young man or woman who want to continue living a debt life like the generation before them. I do believe that everyone out in the society wants to live a debt free life. In order to live a debt free life, there is a lot of work that needs to be accomplish. You cannot wish to be a good baseball player without putting in the work on the field everyday. You cannot be a good football player without practicing every single day to make it possible. You cannot win the American Idol show without practicing your singing skill everyday in your room or outside for people to offer suggestions. Every man or woman want to be successful in life, success requires hard work and dedication. It is important that every young man and woman should study personal financial education, so they would not make the same mistakes their parents and grandparents made. The world is changing and only the financial skilled and strong will survive. Only the financially wise and skil

College student anthem


Beat debt fast by D.E. Money.

Hello Everyone,           I truly welcome you to this first blog and forum in beating debt fast. Debt can make the future looks hopeless, empty, and continuous struggle.  I want us to use this forum to discuss the future with no debts, saving money, investing in good growth and balance mutual funds.  There are so many misconception of money and how to use it effectively.  I will share my experience with money, beating debts, surviving hardships, overcoming difficulties with money management.  We will use this forum to help students, who are drowning in student loans with no end in sight. We will talk about investing, saving and spending wisely.  The goal is to be a helping hand to each other as we go through this journey and manage our money much better.  Where are you in your journey with debt freedom?  Do you have hope in overcoming debts?  Do you believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel?  Is money talk the end of your conversation with your spouse, boyfriend, mom, dad