Break the cycle of student loan or debt.

How many of your friends do you know that still have student loan debt years after they have graduated from college? How much do you have personally on your student loan? Do you have $50,000, $60,000, $70,000 or $80,000 and you are making $40,000 annually? From these numbers, it is impossible to pay off the loan, even if you are the best math wizard in the world. A recent survey shows that only 52% of students graduates from college, while 70% graduating students have loans, less than 10% don't know what rate they are paying back. You have to be a brilliant consumer of knowledge in order to escape the student loan crisis. Stay away from student loan, if you want to go to college from now on.  The best way to do this is to go on google and search for scholarships which has tens of thousands of scholarships.  There is no way someone will apply to 100 scholarships and you will not get between 7-10 scholarships. These are free money that will help you to graduate debt free. The goal is to graduate college without any debt. Just write a single standard personal essay and change it occasionally to fit multiple scholarship criteria. No student should attend college to study a major, that is not marketable. You cannot go to college to study left-hand poetry or German poker history (according to Dave Ramsey). Try to work while going to college and you can use the money to pay for college and buy things for school. You cannot survive in today's financial world by spending all your income on student loan. You cannot defeat school loan without being aggressive and hitting the student loan on the mouth. Because it takes a lot of resources to reduce the principal and have the ability to pay off the student loan. 


  1. I'm 32 and nearly $50,000 in college debt.
    I feel like the whole educational system is a financial trap that many people do not know about. A lot of money is borrowed and used during the college years and when someone graduates and gets into the work force, they are starting their careers already in a sizeable debt that may take decades to payoff. I will embark on a journey of getting rid of this debt in the short term by using the techniques mentioned in this blog ( I look forward to this journey of being being student load and debt free and sharing my journey with this community. Below, I have attached my current student loans.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Account Summary~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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    Stafford Loans – In repayment
    Auto Pay Icon $53.00 scheduled for November 21
    Balance $31,045.11 account and loan details


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