Preparing for future financial crisis.

Are you prepared for any future financial crisis? How is your emergency funds looking? Will you be ready, if there is a Corporate or Global meltdown today? These are important questions that we need to consider today and prepare for the unknown with the Global and United States economy. Each of us need to start preparing for Global meltdown or recession in a few years like the one we had in 2008. I don't know how severe it will be, but once you are prepared, then you will be spot-free. Based on the recent United States and Global GDP, things are not looking up for  United States, China, Nigeria, EU and other countries around the World. China cannot keep lowering the value of their currency and export their economy out of trouble.  The EU and Feds cannot keep printing money like you are pouring water into a pot and be able to pull their economies out of sluggish pace. The QE was a brilliant idea initially, but it was a hinderance to the market and free enterprise due to its long duration. Take a look at Japanese economy, despite billions of dollars pumped into their economy for years, there is still a huge gap between sluggish pace and fast-growing economy. But, the main goal for every individual is to prepare and get ready for the upcoming recession and capitalize on accumulation of great mutual funds in the stock market and properties in real states.  There will be many opportunities to prosper in accumulation of wealth, properties, and assets from individuals who cannot afford their lifestyle any longer. The best way is to start saving money, living below your means, and stay ready for the market and the economy to go sideways. In addition, current corporate debts is another leading indication that recession and meltdown in the economy is on its way. Please, be prepare for your future and get ready to accumulate wealth in a few years.


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