Behavioral finance

Understanding finance is a complex topic or study that most people have difficulties grasping. It is like hearing a foreign or new language, unfamiliar to others. That is how finance is, in order to grasp and do well in finance. It is essential to understand and master your behavior with money. You cannot have a love/hate relationship with money and expect to win in this money game. In order to win with money, you have to reshape your behavior and treat money as a friend and companion, not the enemy.  The best way to make your money work is through budgeting. Budget tells your money to behave and you have to control your emotion in-relation to handling your money. Make your money work and act accordingly to your plan. You cannot let Apple store, shopping, and buying things on emotion control your money and income. You have to tell your wants to wait, and focus on your needs. The way, you handle money will determine whether you have a better future or continue to be a slave to corporate America. Change your future, by changing your financial behavior and your future will be great.


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