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The Mistakes We Make everyday About Money.

Here are some of the mistakes we make everyday: It can be cars that we cannot afford, personal loans or house mortgage causing people to file bankruptcy. Here are some money myths that will keep you broke and not compete in today's society. So, why are people still making money mistakes and not changing their ways. Most people are still mismanaging their money and still blaming the society for not setting a law. Please, do not buy into the society popular money myths. Here are some myths that are bad for your money. 1). Debt is a tool. 2). Car payments are a way of life. 3). Loaning money to your family show you care. 4). You cannot go to college without student loans. 5). You can make enough money to catch-up on your retirement. 6). You already understand spending your money, so you do not need a budget. 

Want To Save Money On Your Groceries.

The current economy situation have not made it easy to afford things like groceries, buying bread, and buying food stuff for dinner. It is extremely hard to budget for foods, when money is really scared  to come up with and I know it is difficult to scale back the amount of money spend on food expenses. Based on reports from Consumer Report, a single American family wastes about $1500 worth of food each year. That is a lot of food going to waste and it is important for people to start cooking at home. Below are some of the ways to save on groceries. 1). Shop at the Farmers Market. 2). Buy grains in bulk. 3). Add grains to make a dish stretch longer. 4). Have a good cookbook on hand. 5). Waste nothing. 6). Buy seasonally things. 7).  Preserve everything. 8). Plan, Plan, and Plan your food preparation. 9). Grow herbs in your backyard. 10). Do not overbuy. 11). Use the things you buy. 12). Store your food properly. 13). Cook more at home and do not go out everyday. 14). Bu

Make $200 Now By Creating it.

Have you spend like ten minutes today watching television or playing music on your phone? If, you have done both of this today, you can make $200 within ten minutes. There are five advertisements within ten minutes of watching television, the advertisers are interested in stealing your money and taking your financial security away from you. How many times have you called your insurance company (car, phone, laptop-apple, health insurance, renter) to see if you qualify for a lower premium? You need to call each of these companies today and remind them of your good standing with their company. I want you to request for a lower premium because their competitors are willing to give you a lower payment. You can save a lot of money on good drivers reward and you should utilize this option. You can get the best and cheap auto insurance quotes, renter insurance quotes, health insurance quotes during the open enrollment period. Do not focus on bundling discount quotes instead focus more on lowe

You Need to Clean your Financial House Today, So Tomorrow Would be Sweet.

The money stress is all over the place and it is getting worse every single day. Is your financial house in ruins or getting better? If, you are a married couple or have a significant other, you know that money fights and money issues are the major focus on weekly or monthly problems in your relationship. Money fights or money issues have led to many divorces, separations, and financial ruins in people lives. Money provides great opportunity for you to live the life you want or draw you closer to your retirement goal. Make sure to share your fears, dreams, and strategies of improving your financial security, in turn it will improve and promote quality relationship with your loved ones. If, you are interested in learning about your finances, then your stress level will definitely go away gradually. It will provide deep love, respect, and patient while working with your significant other. Here are several ways to connect with your loved ones on money: 1). Do not blame others for past

The Best Money Guide to Help You Avoid Divorce.

Everyone want to get married and live a happy life with their significant other until death decides them apart. But, it is very difficult to see married couples who are not fighting almost every week about money fights and money issues. How can this be solved? It is a very difficult and important question to answer. Money issues can lead to divorce or it can also attribute to financial ruins after the separation. In a recent survey by the Ramsey solutions and Experian, more than 60% of married couples acknowledged that money issues played major part in their separation or divorce. It is very sad to see this kind of number, but I am not surprised. If, you and your significant other (girlfriend, wife, boyfriend, husband) are not on the same page financially, there is no amount of love, sex, kissing that can help your connection and solve this money stress. If, couples want to succeed in their financial life, they have to create a safe, secure, and supportive environment for their financ

Retirement Moves to Make in 2017, That Will Pay off in 2018 and Years to Come.

The open enrollment for your benefit package for the coming year is set to begin very soon. Are you planning for your future or are you waiting for your employer to plan it for you? Believe me, they will not even waste a second to plan your retirement, they are only interested in their own financial well-being. Please, do not ignore the email reminder for enrolling or updating your benefits. You can either do it now, but you cannot ignore your retirement life. Try to take time to plan for your work place retirement benefit and plan. Try to Save More in Workplace Retirement Plan: It is essential that employees try to save at least 10-15% of their biweekly wages or yearly salary into their 401K, Roth 401K, and 403b. Do not only put in 1% or 2% and think you can retire with smiles on your face. Please, do not say I cannot afford it. You can afford it, you are eating out three or four times a week, you are buying Starbucks everyday with a costing of $3 or $4 for a cup of coffee, going o

Paying Off Student Loans Can Be Easy or Will You Be Taking It To Your Grave?

There is a record amount of student loans flowing around in the United States. Student loans are the most popular type of debts in the United States at the present moment. It is even more popular than other type of debts such as credit cards, mortgages and car loans. If, you have graduated from college long time ago or will be graduating very soon, you can still design a plan to pay off your student loans quickly. But, how can you be able to do this? Do not worry, I will show you. In addition, there is no magic pill in getting off your student loans. There is no overnight plan or Dr. Phil's magic plan with student loans in the United States. You have to want it more than you ever did before. Remember, you have to live different today, so tomorrow you can live like you want and be in control of your life. Following these steps will help you finish off your debts and build a better standing in your financial life. 1). Try to make a budget with a good budgeting app. 2). Try to pay

It is Around the Corner and Have You Start Saving for Christmas.

Hello, everyone. Do you know that Santa is on its way to your house? Do you have family and children, have you start buying their gifts? Have you started budgeting for it? Do not wait till the last minute to start buying gifts and things for Christmas? I do not want you to pay double price, if you can get it cheaper today or plan for it. Santa is coming to your town and the bells are ready...very soon Christmas day will be here and if you are not prepare, then you might be looking like a fool. Do not wait until December to get your gift shopping going. It is not yet panic time, but if you keep waiting, then it will be panic time in your life soon. Jump into Christmas shopping in September, it will change your shopping style and save you a lot of money. People waiting till December to buy their gifts with no money saved, turn to credit cards which is not the right way to go. How to start the Christmas shopping plan: 1). Set a budget and a shopping plan. 2). Start looking for deals

Start Saving for a Down Payment on a House while Renting.

Many people want to own a house and enjoy posting pictures on Facebook and Twitter. Are you tired of renting your small space and hoping that santa will send your a gift of a house? Everyone want a house now and not tomorrow. As the prices of houses continues to rise, people without houses feel neglected or ignored by free gifts. You will have the opportunity to own a house, if you plan accordingly. Remember, there is a million houses on every corner in the United States. I know, apartment prices and rents are going up and up, but you should not take this excuse and rush into the housing market. Please, do not allow anyone to confuse you and pressure your thinking into the housing market. When you are broke, without money and get to buy a house. You are inviting bankruptcy into your new home and every week will lead to a new problem in your new home. In order to win, you have to set a clear goal in mind and start saving like it is the only thing in life. Ways to start your saving en

Bankruptcy-make it not your portion.

People filing for bankruptcy are not happy about it and it is not an excitement period for them. Finding a bankruptcy attorneys are not like shopping for christmas gifts or looking for new houses. It is a period of shame, distress, and fear of not knowing the future. Have you woke you in the morning and you do not know what to eat, wear, sleep, and plan for your future. Bankruptcy does not avoid good or bad people, it only targeting those who are not financially responsible. So many great people have gone through bankruptcy and recover fully in their financial standard. What makes some people to fully recover financially after bankruptcy while others still in financial ruins without hope? If you filed for bankruptcy before you can still achieve success and find a financial pathway to freedom. Remember, there are federal laws to protect you during bankruptcy and the bankruptcy will be reported on the credit report for the next 7-10 years. In addition, when you file for bankruptcy, cred