Up and down with World Street, while Main Street is always going down.

When will the common people learn from the same pattern of behavior from gambling World Street; World Street has been playing the common people like a game. The market is always up and down, you cannot rest your future and progress in World Street. Main Street have been struggling every single year and things need to change or the common people will suffer for a long time. World Street is like flash boys and will continue to be one.  I am not saying, don't invest in mutual funds or ETF, but not single stocks. But, single stocks is a big risk, a bad PR by the company means your money and stock is gone. So, why should we wait for 65 years or 70 years to enjoy the money, we worked hard for, and have been contributing into the market.  Why not enjoy a better life and invest in yourself, start a small business to secure your now and future. I believe that every individual should use half of their income to start a business which they have a passion and tested the business to make sure it is profitable. Try to sell your business start-up to consumers to make sure it will survive and useful to consumers. Then,  other half of your income should be invested in World Street to play the game of World Street investing. The Main Street has been losing this game with World Street, it is time to be wise and make your invested income to work for you and your future.


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