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Do you know your investment calculator.

It is important to your what is in your 401K, IRA, Mutual funds, and Roth accounts. Do you know the range of your annual returns from your investments or do your investor have an idea of your returns? Knowledge is wealth and knowledge is money. Know your figures. INVESTMENT CALCULATOR Enter your starting balance $  What is the annual rate of return?  % How much do you plan to contribute monthly? $  How many years do you plan to contribute?  years How much will this investment be worth in …  years *Assumes yearly compounding Show Results Switch to Advanced Version VALUE: $0 Find an investing professional Bar Graph Pie Chart Tabular Data Year Previous Balance 0 0 Balance Contributions Interest Earned What if I gave up: Nothing Coffee Restaurants Pizza Soda Lunch ? *Please note that all numbers are estimates Sign Up for Dave's Newslett

Your retirement R:IQ by Chris Hogan.

Do you know how much you need to retire bigly or happily. How much will you need to shop at Kroger or buy your medications at Walgreens? More than 60% of Americans do not have any retirement savings. Are you one or have no future retirement in your timeline. Start today because  tomorrow is not guarantee.

The Easiest Budgeting Tool Available by Dave Ramsey

Do you have problem with budgeting? Do you know what your money is doing or are you living paycheck to paycheck with no end in sight? If, you have been trying other budgeting tool and it has not been helping. I have a great solution for you. Try this Free budgeting tool and I have been using it for the past two years and it has been amazing.

Documentary-Inside Job.

Remember-The British are coming, another financial crisis is a few years away. Are you financially ready, if recession hit today?

Happy Thanksgiving-My First Class Family from Tony Robbins.

Happy Thanksgiving- My First Class Family.

The 7 Steps of Financial Independence by Joshua Sheets.

A testimonial message from my good friend.

When it comes to saving money, self discipline has been one of my toughest struggles. I make impulse purchases, when it comes to food. And for this reason, I am not saving anything, I am dead broke, living in debt, paycheck to paycheck. I need to figure out a way to practice self-discipline and live on a strict budget. Please, feel free to share your story, by emailing it to The goal of this blog is to help each other through sharing our negative and positive life experience as a way to learn and use this knowledge to succeed in life.

Invest in yourself and your network.

Investing in yourself and changing your social circle can provide many benefits in your life. Networking with great people is an experiment to help you win in different areas in your life. Have you done anything productive today in your life to win? How many friends do you have around ready to win in life or are they frenemies? Think about it, Michael Jordan or Lebron did not wake up to become the best in their field. They work on their craft, they invested in themselves every single minute and day. If you want to get better in your field or passion, you have to work at it every time and continue to study other people who are better than you. Sometimes, we fail in life and every effort looks hopeless. Do not give up on your goal, dream, and passion by striving to get better each day. Michael Jordan missed more shots than he made. My advice is to invest in good network and they will help you to grow and achieve success. Next week, I will discuss how your decision today, will not only af

Do you have loans-what is your interest rate and what is your plan to pay it off.

Do you know anyone who have loans or debts, I bet everyone of us do? Do you know anyone who is living the American dream by worry about looking into their mail box for bills or other loan repayment from banks? Do you know that new car you are driving and paying $499 car note every month is costing you millions of dollars in retirement? You can invest half of your car note's money for the next 25 years and you will retire with at least one or two million dollars to dance around when you are in your 60s. 7 out of 10 people you know right now are living paycheck to paycheck. Even though, I am not a believer of debts, car loans, house loans and personal loans including credit cards. I am shocked that a random research of 10 students from University of Cincinnati about student loans and their rates. Only 1 out of 10 students have an idea of the amount of debt and rate. You cannot win, when you fail to plan and execute. You cannot go to school to study anything and forget to plan for you

Must Watch ! Best video of Tony Robbins The Power of Influence


Do not buy single stocks and do you know what is in your 401K.

                          Do not buy single stocks and do you know what is in your 401K    Playing the single stock game is the biggest risk you can make with your retirement and future. Buying single stocks presents too many risks and any abnormal movement in PR means your investment is gone. For example, let's take a look at past problems with Samsung, Chipotle, and Well Fargo. Putting all your life savings into a single stock means death by a strike or a blow, but if you invest your hard savings into good mutual fund options which contains multiple stocks and funds. Then, you have a great opportunity to do well, if one or two companies/stocks were having a rough time in the market. The rest of the stocks within the mutual funds will continue to yield better return than one and out. Remember the old proverb which says do not put all your eggs in one basket. Diversity of stocks within a mutual fund is the best and easy way to succeed and exceed your retirement expectation. My fo

You want to become a Millionaire, here is the best advice to become one. The Millionaire Advice.






The Gathering of Great Minds.

The goal for everyone is to continue to get better and improve from your weakness. We are always being judge by others every single day. How can we continue to be the very best in our field or work. We need to show good work ethics that is designed for winning and continue to make improvement in being the best. It is important to find people who have similar mindset of being great and winning in life. We cannot live alone or work alone, so we need great minds to complete our journey on earth. Having the ability to work and exchange ideas will help make every journey in business, finance, and life easy. If you want to be great, win, and succeed, it is essential to find and meet people of great and similar mindset in thinking, strategic planning, and seeking encouragement from the group. One place to find such gathering is called, the site is available in most cities in the United States and I hope around the world too. Since, I have joined this website, I have been able to en

The Seven basics to fruitful life by John Wooden.

                                                  The Seven basics to fruitful life. 1). Stay true to yourself. 2). Make each day your master piece. 3). Help others. 4). Drink deeply from good books especially the bible. 5). Make friendship a fine art. 6). Build a raining day shelter. 7). Pray for guidance and give thanks for the blessings each day. Be quick, but do not be in a rush. What we give, we keep. What we did not give, we lose.

The 6 basic needs of every human.

The 6 basic needs of every human. 1). Certainty 2). Uncertainty 3). Special/Significant 4). Connect/Love 5). Growth 6). Contribution People will give up their goals and dreams to meet their needs. Progress is happiness.

What are your fundamentals in business.

What are your beliefs in life or business? The fundamental of life is a determinant of how your life will turn out. Writing down goals in your vision board can help you win and retire with good returns and great lifestyle. My personal goal with this blog and yours too, is not to change the world. But, do things that will benefit people and my community, if the world changes because of this blog, then I will be forever happy and excited. Here is an example of my fundamental or successful business approach. 1). Learn your trade. 2). Pay your debts. 3). Always keep your eyes open for opportunity. 4). Diversify your operations and take your business to the next level.

You have a choice, change your behavior to win.

The election is over, the winners are on mars celebrating and the losers are depressed about the results. People are losing friends, family members, and spouse over this election. Checking back from 2008 to 2009 elections, I cannot personally remember any elected official that have called or visited anyone of you. We cannot give away our choices to these politicians and expect them to return the favor to us. We cannot give away our last chance to win and rest it on the shoulders of corrupt, selfish, and ego driven politicians for a better life and future. When was the last time, you sit down and ponder about your financial future and retirement. When was the last time, you sit down and look at how much you are owing that corporate American bank next to your house, student loan, credit card and consumer loan. People need to focus more on their financial life, so that they will have better lifestyles and build great legacy for their families. Some people are choosing one party or the oth

Focus on what you can control, not what you can't control.

Life can throw us a curve ball every now and then, from personal life, finance, business, and daily work. The best thing you can control is yourself and nothing else. I know, life can be difficult, frustrating, and stressful most times. But, you can be your own survivor and winner, if you believe in yourself. Building your confidence and believe in yourself is the biggest upside boost in one's life. Even, when you are rejected in life and in business by others, always believe in your work, dreams, and support with a zeal to work hard every day. Forget about the eternal factors which can affect us on a daily basis, but try to gain control of who you are and your destiny/purpose in life. The sky is not the limit, every individual can set their limit or height to their goal, dream and vision. I believed that no one can stop you, if you are truly determined and set a goal to reach your destination. Only you can stop your financial dream, only you can stop your academic goal, you cannot

Education and college.

Education planning by Joshua Sheets.

Why go to College to study nothing, and come out with thousands of dollars in Debt.

I do not understand why people want to go to college to study something that is not marketable. Wasting money, just for other people to call you a college student is not a better investment for your future or provide additional respect to your life. College students cannot be borrowing money up to their eye ball to party and hang out with their friends, if college students decide to party and have fun. Then, rent an apartment close to the college campus and party your life away. No one will be mad at you, but it is irresponsible to borrow money and be in debt for the rest of your life for fraternity and sorority parties. College students should be selective in choosing a major that is marketable and they can find jobs after college. Students should apply for scholarships starting at the beginning of the senior year of high school until graduation from college. In addition, college students should work at least part-time during school year. It has been proven through evidenced-based res

Vote for yourself and your future, not these politicians.

No political leader can save you or change our lives. Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton cannot save you or improve your life, if you are not actively involved in your life. Each of us are the pilot and franchise player of our life, financial goal, and economic future. We cannot wait for any political party to change our lives or change our economic destination. We need to change the direction of our lives and work toward a better financial future. We have to become a change agent in reshaping our financial behavior inorder to win. Democratic party, Republican party, and Green party are always looking after their own people, donors, family members and friends. Maybe, one or two policies from the elected candidate can negatively or positively affect us and after that we are just like sheep waiting for dogs to direct our paths. Please, we cannot be the sheep waiting for politicans who are always seeking for their own satisfaction, family members, friends, donors, before the American people.

An example of student loan problem.

I'm 32 and nearly $50,000 in college debt. I feel like the whole educational system is a financial trap that many people do not know about. A lot of money is borrowed and used during the college years and when someone graduates and gets into the work force, they are starting their careers already in a sizeable debt that may take decades to payoff. I will embark on a journey of getting rid of this debt in the short term by using the techniques mentioned in this blog ( I look forward to this journey of being being student load and debt free and sharing my journey with this community. Below, I have attached my current student loans.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Account Summary~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WELCOME  Close SectionTHINGS TO DO NOW Robot with a clipboard Set up text alerts. It's the easy way to stay informed about your loan payments and account status. We've approved your income-driven repayment application. View the status of your application. Upcoming Payments Auto Pa