You have a choice, change your behavior to win.

The election is over, the winners are on mars celebrating and the losers are depressed about the results. People are losing friends, family members, and spouse over this election. Checking back from 2008 to 2009 elections, I cannot personally remember any elected official that have called or visited anyone of you. We cannot give away our choices to these politicians and expect them to return the favor to us. We cannot give away our last chance to win and rest it on the shoulders of corrupt, selfish, and ego driven politicians for a better life and future. When was the last time, you sit down and ponder about your financial future and retirement. When was the last time, you sit down and look at how much you are owing that corporate American bank next to your house, student loan, credit card and consumer loan. People need to focus more on their financial life, so that they will have better lifestyles and build great legacy for their families. Some people are choosing one party or the other, do not even know how much they are spending or saving(if they even have any saving account). But, they know so much about the party candidate's credit, spending, and monthly revenue. Please, worry about your life and financial future, instead of wasting your time and effort on politicians who do not give a crap about you or your family. You have a choice to change your behavior to win in finance and your life. I respect the election and voting process, but I will not waste my precious time thinking on corrupt and rigged system. When I can be improving my life and financial future for an awesome future. No one can win in life, if you are not fully invested in your own life and dream. You cannot plan to live a debt free life in six years or in retirement, if you keep spending like congress (who are broke and keep killing trees in printing more paper money). You have a choice to live like no other person, if you are invested in your future by working towards it. You can win with a good financial plan and if you are determine to follow it.


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