Vote for yourself and your future, not these politicians.

No political leader can save you or change our lives. Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton cannot save you or improve your life, if you are not actively involved in your life. Each of us are the pilot and franchise player of our life, financial goal, and economic future. We cannot wait for any political party to change our lives or change our economic destination. We need to change the direction of our lives and work toward a better financial future. We have to become a change agent in reshaping our financial behavior inorder to win. Democratic party, Republican party, and Green party are always looking after their own people, donors, family members and friends. Maybe, one or two policies from the elected candidate can negatively or positively affect us and after that we are just like sheep waiting for dogs to direct our paths. Please, we cannot be the sheep waiting for politicans who are always seeking for their own satisfaction, family members, friends, donors, before the American people. Wake-up Americans, please wake up and be your own franchise players instead of waiting for all these corrupt politicians to change your lives. If, these politicians cannot change their lives, why do you think they will help you and be a change agent you deserve. No one can save you, if you are not interested in saving yourself from financial ruins. Vote for yourself, your future, and your financial freedom, and not any political party or politician.


  1. I agree that the politicians are not really doing anything for us. I think the system of government and the fact that we are forced to choose from only two parties is a joke. I have lost trust and faith in the government. The system needs to be redesigned because as a resident, I do not feel like I am being represented and I am not benefiting.


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