Focus on what you can control, not what you can't control.

Life can throw us a curve ball every now and then, from personal life, finance, business, and daily work. The best thing you can control is yourself and nothing else. I know, life can be difficult, frustrating, and stressful most times. But, you can be your own survivor and winner, if you believe in yourself. Building your confidence and believe in yourself is the biggest upside boost in one's life. Even, when you are rejected in life and in business by others, always believe in your work, dreams, and support with a zeal to work hard every day. Forget about the eternal factors which can affect us on a daily basis, but try to gain control of who you are and your destiny/purpose in life. The sky is not the limit, every individual can set their limit or height to their goal, dream and vision. I believed that no one can stop you, if you are truly determined and set a goal to reach your destination. Only you can stop your financial dream, only you can stop your academic goal, you cannot win the fight, if you already hurt your progress before the fight. to obtain your financial freedom, you need to work on changing your behavior that led to your financial failure and start using evidenced-based practice in your financial success. If you want to get better with your finance, surround yourself with people who want to win in finance. Do not keep hanging out with people who want to spend money like they are in congress. Try to get better in yourself, set goals everyday and modify your goals and vision, if your goals did not work. You cannot keep living day to day, and keep wishing for a better future without working on yourself and controlling you. Be the person, you will be proud of and not someone you hate to see in the mirror. You cannot win financially, if you continues to make the same financial mistakes that led you to financial ruin. Be the change agent that your future self will be proud of and set a legacy that your family will be proud of. Children do things that makes them feel good, adults set plan and do things based on plans. Wake up people and focus on you, not on others or doing things to make others like you.


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