Do not buy single stocks and do you know what is in your 401K.

                          Do not buy single stocks and do you know what is in your 401K   
Playing the single stock game is the biggest risk you can make with your retirement and future. Buying single stocks presents too many risks and any abnormal movement in PR means your investment is gone. For example, let's take a look at past problems with Samsung, Chipotle, and Well Fargo. Putting all your life savings into a single stock means death by a strike or a blow, but if you invest your hard savings into good mutual fund options which contains multiple stocks and funds. Then, you have a great opportunity to do well, if one or two companies/stocks were having a rough time in the market. The rest of the stocks within the mutual funds will continue to yield better return than one and out. Remember the old proverb which says do not put all your eggs in one basket. Diversity of stocks within a mutual fund is the best and easy way to succeed and exceed your retirement expectation. My former roommate Brian is a good example of what not to do. He was buying single stocks and listening to his mentor-Jim on CNBC. But, it did not help him from losing it all. Remember that no single stock wins a retirement championship. But, multiple stocks in a mutual funds performs far better and the odd of winning and gaining great retirement rest in mutual funds. When it comes to your financial future, do you know where your 401K money is invested and what kind of funds will be used for the investment? You need to ask questions about your retirement options, fees, and benefits. iI you have questions, it is essential to ask financial advisors for help and learn how to retire without suffering. have you ask yourself, what is the next step with your 401K?    If you lose your job. remember to transfer your 401K to an IRA (Individual Retirement Account) and your financial advisor can help you achieve this goals. it is called direct rollover.


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