Invest in yourself and your network.

Investing in yourself and changing your social circle can provide many benefits in your life. Networking with great people is an experiment to help you win in different areas in your life. Have you done anything productive today in your life to win? How many friends do you have around ready to win in life or are they frenemies? Think about it, Michael Jordan or Lebron did not wake up to become the best in their field. They work on their craft, they invested in themselves every single minute and day. If you want to get better in your field or passion, you have to work at it every time and continue to study other people who are better than you. Sometimes, we fail in life and every effort looks hopeless. Do not give up on your goal, dream, and passion by striving to get better each day. Michael Jordan missed more shots than he made. My advice is to invest in good network and they will help you to grow and achieve success. Next week, I will discuss how your decision today, will not only affect you, but your entire family tree and legacy.                                                                  


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