Why go to College to study nothing, and come out with thousands of dollars in Debt.

I do not understand why people want to go to college to study something that is not marketable. Wasting money, just for other people to call you a college student is not a better investment for your future or provide additional respect to your life. College students cannot be borrowing money up to their eye ball to party and hang out with their friends, if college students decide to party and have fun. Then, rent an apartment close to the college campus and party your life away. No one will be mad at you, but it is irresponsible to borrow money and be in debt for the rest of your life for fraternity and sorority parties. College students should be selective in choosing a major that is marketable and they can find jobs after college. Students should apply for scholarships starting at the beginning of the senior year of high school until graduation from college. In addition, college students should work at least part-time during school year. It has been proven through evidenced-based research that college students that works (Part-time) do much better in their grades than students who are not working. Student loan is a secure loan, bankruptcy cannot help to clean or remove it from your record. Studying left-hand poetry with a $30,000 annually salary with a debt of $60,000, there is no mathematical solution to clean this debt. College students pick your major very carefully and do not attend a school because they have a good football team, cheerleaders, number one party scene, handsome guys, beautiful ladies, good houses, and great night life. Do not bank on your future for a short time fun while you suffer for the rest of your life. The next big bubble ready to explode is the students' loan crisis. Parents of college students need to play an active role in their children lives for better decision during their college days.


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