The one thing that can change your retirement future.

The one thing that can change your retirement future.
Many people are not taking action on their retirement future. Most people want to play now and save later. Others claimed not to have time to think about it right now. Piling debts are now the signs of the times.
40% of upper-income worker (those who make $75,000 or more) have consulted an advisor for financial help, compared to 10% of lower-income employees (make less than $25,000). 
36% of upper income employees have read books on retirement, compared to 11% of lower-income workers. 
36% of upper income employees look online to find more information about retirement. Then, just 22% of lower-income workers do the same. 
Remember, if you want to be wealthy, do what wealthy people do.
Seek to learn more about retirement. The problem is people with lower income lacks knowledge to investing. The problem is a lack of information from their employers, then try to invest your time learning about options and strategies. 
Saving and investing is not about the rich. It is about knowledge and information. 


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