Keeping up with the Joneses.

The Truth About The Joneses

You know the Joneses. (Or maybe for you it’s the Smiths, or the Millers.) They’re the people who have everything bigger and better than you do.
They have nicer cars, fancier wardrobes and even cuter dogs. (Yorkie-Poos, anyone?) But the Joneses may not be who you think they are. They may be up to their eyeballs in debt. Or they may just be on Baby Step 7 (build wealth and give).
We’ll say that again: The Joneses are either drowning in payments or deserving of their wealth.
So be happy for them or feel sorry for them. But don’t try to keep up with them!That only leads to discontentment. And you’re done with all that. You’re ready to be happy where you are and to work for what you want. You’re ready for contentment.

Forget Status, Be Happy

Contentment is a choice. It’s having an attitude of joy when everyone else is attempting to buy happiness. And it’s your new state of mind.
So who cares if Mrs. Jones drives a luxury SUV with heated seats and keyless entry? Good for her. Your 10-year-old sedan gets you everywhere her sweet ride gets her. And at this point on your journey, you’re less worried about looking good and more focused on building a solid foundation for your family.
You can look good later. When you actually are good.

Work Hard, Find Peace

Right now you’re doing whatever it takes to build a lasting legacy for your family—one that’s not visible to the Joneses of the world. They can’t see the steady chunks of money you put in your emergency fund. Or the $15,000 of debt you paid off. Or the retirement contributions you’re about to step up.
But you know the significance of your actions. Less status now means more security later.
You’re done keeping up with people you don’t really care about anyway. You know your energy is better used on your own savings goals. Because if you work hard enough, save long enough, and budget wisely enough, you’ll have that high-end car one day. If you still want it, that is.
You may just want another reliable sedan. Because who really cares, anyway? The Joneses?



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