How to overcome the fear of selling your home.

Even in the best markets, selling your home can be difficult. The market always swing in favor of sellers in recent years. And, buyers always out number available homes.

Short term pain is worth the long term gain.

Do not be frightened by fixes-even though, buyers' love a move-in-ready home and will pay top dollar for a house in a great condition. Focus on improvements that add value to your home. It is a waste to spending money you won't make back in the end.

Overworked and overwhelmed: Getting your house ready for the market is a big job. Do not let the long list get your down-break it down into late sized goals. Do not tackle the problems in one weekend. Organize the top problems in manageable ways.

You shouldn't sell your home, if you owe more on your mortgage than your home is worth. Remember, get a free comparative market analysis from an agent you trust.

The risk of a shaky post-election market
Investors will always experienced a fair share of ups and downs this year, market volatility is around the corner and not going away soon.

The bulls and the bears run:
The stock market will always go up and eventually come down. Investors should use a bear market as a signal to invest more and capture more equity than run away from more uprise. If you do not have a stock of money around, then rely on dollar cost averaging (DCA).

Data was obtained from Ramsey solutions.


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