Want To Save Money On Your Groceries.

The current economy situation have not made it easy to afford things like groceries, buying bread, and buying food stuff for dinner. It is extremely hard to budget for foods, when money is really scared  to come up with and I know it is difficult to scale back the amount of money spend on food expenses. Based on reports from Consumer Report, a single American family wastes about $1500 worth of food each year. That is a lot of food going to waste and it is important for people to start cooking at home. Below are some of the ways to save on groceries.

1). Shop at the Farmers Market.
2). Buy grains in bulk.
3). Add grains to make a dish stretch longer.
4). Have a good cookbook on hand.
5). Waste nothing.
6). Buy seasonally things.
7).  Preserve everything.
8). Plan, Plan, and Plan your food preparation.
9). Grow herbs in your backyard.
10). Do not overbuy.
11). Use the things you buy.
12). Store your food properly.
13). Cook more at home and do not go out everyday.
14). Buy cheaper meats.
15). Try new food recipes.


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