Bankruptcy-make it not your portion.

People filing for bankruptcy are not happy about it and it is not an excitement period for them. Finding a bankruptcy attorneys are not like shopping for christmas gifts or looking for new houses. It is a period of shame, distress, and fear of not knowing the future. Have you woke you in the morning and you do not know what to eat, wear, sleep, and plan for your future. Bankruptcy does not avoid good or bad people, it only targeting those who are not financially responsible. So many great people have gone through bankruptcy and recover fully in their financial standard. What makes some people to fully recover financially after bankruptcy while others still in financial ruins without hope? If you filed for bankruptcy before you can still achieve success and find a financial pathway to freedom. Remember, there are federal laws to protect you during bankruptcy and the bankruptcy will be reported on the credit report for the next 7-10 years. In addition, when you file for bankruptcy, creditors have to stop collecting money from you. Creditors would not write you, call or sue you after the filing of bankruptcy. In addition, bankruptcy will be able to stop any foreclosure, repossession of any property or garnishment of your wages. Unsecured debts do not qualify for bankruptcy like federal or state student loans, child support, and IRS debt. Most people who filed for bankruptcy have lost all faith and hope for a better financial future.

Ways to not getting into bankruptcy:
1). Taking care of the four walls: Transportation, Utilities, Clothing, Food, and Shelter.
2). Sell things you do not need.
3). Live within your means, but below your earning power.
4). Use a budget and get a second or third job.
5). Get a financial coach.


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