The Best Money Guide to Help You Avoid Divorce.

Everyone want to get married and live a happy life with their significant other until death decides them apart. But, it is very difficult to see married couples who are not fighting almost every week about money fights and money issues. How can this be solved? It is a very difficult and important question to answer. Money issues can lead to divorce or it can also attribute to financial ruins after the separation. In a recent survey by the Ramsey solutions and Experian, more than 60% of married couples acknowledged that money issues played major part in their separation or divorce. It is very sad to see this kind of number, but I am not surprised. If, you and your significant other (girlfriend, wife, boyfriend, husband) are not on the same page financially, there is no amount of love, sex, kissing that can help your connection and solve this money stress. If, couples want to succeed in their financial life, they have to create a safe, secure, and supportive environment for their finance. They have to agree to a weekly financial meeting, so they can discuss their expenses, saving and investing as a family. For couples with children, please include your children in this financial meeting and it will help them to raise their own family without financial stress or issue. There are couples around your neighborhood with limited income doing amazing job working together in passing the divorce free test. There are couples making a lot of money and still cannot figure out why they are fighting over money. 

The Two of You are in Charge of All Your Money: You and your significant other are equal partner in all financial matters. No one makes any financial decision without consulting the other, the husband is not in charge of setting budget and the wife is not in charge of shopping. Both of you are responsible for setting up the budget and shopping for your family. It is your family financial stake that is at risk, if you fail to plan for your future. 
There should be only a Joint Bank Account for You and Your Significant Other: All income should be deposited into a single joint checking and saving account. All bills should be paid out from this account and it is important to follow a budget to maximized your saving and growing as a family.
If, You Cannot Agree with your Significant Other about Money, Hire a Money Advisor or Financial Counselor: We can all handle our money and financial life, if we chooses to do the right thing. Many people cannot sacrifice a little pleasure for a greater financial win in their future. If, you and your significant other cannot agree with your money, budget, and saving; you will definitely need a financial advisor or counselor to help you resolve this issue. 


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