Start Saving for a Down Payment on a House while Renting.

Many people want to own a house and enjoy posting pictures on Facebook and Twitter. Are you tired of renting your small space and hoping that santa will send your a gift of a house? Everyone want a house now and not tomorrow. As the prices of houses continues to rise, people without houses feel neglected or ignored by free gifts. You will have the opportunity to own a house, if you plan accordingly. Remember, there is a million houses on every corner in the United States. I know, apartment prices and rents are going up and up, but you should not take this excuse and rush into the housing market. Please, do not allow anyone to confuse you and pressure your thinking into the housing market. When you are broke, without money and get to buy a house. You are inviting bankruptcy into your new home and every week will lead to a new problem in your new home. In order to win, you have to set a clear goal in mind and start saving like it is the only thing in life.

Ways to start your saving engine today:

1). Cut your budget down for better saving: Examples-cutting out cable, cutting out daily latte, cutting eating out, cutting out buying monthly clothing, and try buying generic brand medications at the grocery stores.
2). Get another job and save more money: Do pets sitting, become a tutor, start shopping for others and help people get fit for money.
3). Sell some of your stuff and live a life free of material stuff.  


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