Is Your Fancy Car Stealing Your Future?

I have met many people whose every minute conversation is like my car is great, I love my car, it drives awesome, and it is the best car ever. But, do you know that your fancy car might be stealing your future and making you lose money every single day. If, you are not financially free and still living paycheck to paycheck, your fancy car might be stealing your financial security every second and minute of the day. Do you change your car every few years? If, you are one of those individuals, you might be losing a lot of your personal wealth on depreciating assets on your cars. A recent study from the Suze Orman organization suggests that drivers are only holding their cars for just four years compared to seven years during past years. Do not let your car steal your life and future. It is your life, grab it quickly or your fancy cars cannot save your retirement ruins and tears from lack of resources. I am not saying that you should not drive a car, but try to drive a car within your budget and not let your car drive you. Make sure that your car is safe, drive beautifully and reliable taking you from point A to Point B. Do not let people tell you want kind of car to drive and do not try to buy a car to impress people who might not care about you.



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