American's Financial Knowledge.

Recently, the American College of Financial Services surveyed retirement-aged people on how to manage their money and save for retirement. The result showed only 35 percent of men and 18 percent of women passed this test. This is a mind blowing problem that our society need to tackle immediately for a better financial future. Who are we depending on for our financial future? Is it the government, that have showed that they can manage resources effectively and efficiently. If you are a man or woman, please start taking action today because tomorrow is never promised. In addition, women usually live longer than men and alone for sometime. So, it is essential to start planning for tomorrow, even though you cannot see it yet. Remember, there is always winter and raining season; then why cannot we prepare for it. The only way to increase your confidence and future is to be educated and keep learning everyday. How many of us can balance their checking and saving accounts? How many of us know where our money is invested in the Roth, IRA or 401K? Knowledge is power, so start learning new things today. Please, you have time to do anything, you feel like doing on a daily basis. It is your decision today that will change your future and your future generations. Please, do not depend on anyone to manage your life, your retirement goals, and your finances. It is your future that will get schooled, not your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, brothers or sisters. When you are emotionally unstable and rushing to figure out ways to find financial advice within a few years of retirement, by then it is too late. You will not be in a good frame of mind to make the right decision. It is your future, get hold of it today.

Source: American College of Financial Services.


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