Get the bang out of your college dollars.

You do not have to break the bank to go to college or go in debt to go to college. Even though, I am a truly believer of education, you should not roll yourself with debt to make this work. Remember, we have to calculate the return on investment (ROI) to balance any investment. Please, you do not have to put your child college fund first and abandon your retirement fund. You should help your child with financial education and help get a job for him or her, so the child can start making money for their future. Your child should not go to expensive school, if he or she cannot afford it and not you-the parent. Parents should make sure that their college bound children are studying the right major which will help them get jobs afterwards. In addition, college graduates does not get jobs or get big money offers due to the top college attended. I do not advocate a career based on dollar amount. As your college children searches for college, help them to do their homework by scanning through the college campus, tuitions, cost of books and cost of living. Some of the best ways that your college children can get the best bang out of their college experience are

1). Blends in-classroom and hands-on learning.

2). Requires courses outside of their major.

3). Connects them with faculty and alumni mentors.

4). Gets them career-ready.

5). Requires internships.



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