Figuring out mutual funds.

I know that researching mutual funds can be difficult and it takes a lot to understand all the front-loaded funds, end-loaded funds, over-loaded funds and others. How can we work 40 hours a week and still work on our mutual funds without making mistakes. The best way to find the solution is to find a financial advisor that has a heart of a teacher. The most important point is you are the decision maker for your portfolio and your mutual funds. You have to open your mind to learning something new everyday. Try to understand different types of mutual funds such as mix of stocks, bonds, and money market accounts.
Here are the four types of mutual funds that I will advice you to implement immediately:
1). Growth and Income Mutual Funds: This fund creates more of a stable foundation for the portfolio. They are big and boring companies that offer goods and services for people over decades and they can withstand recession. They can be listed under large-cap or large-value fund known as Blue chip, and They are dividend pay.
2). Growth Funds: This fund can be medium or large companies that experiences growth. These companies flows with the economy and it includes mid-cap or growth funds.
3). Aggressive Growth Funds: This fund is very volatile and it can feel like a wild child. This funds can go up very rapidly and quickly comes down. Aggressive growth funds usually invest in smaller companies and some mid-cap companies too.
4). International Funds: This funds are great in spreading your risk beyond your local markets. It is essential to invest in big companies outside of your country to include diversity in your portfolio.

Please, stop chasing returns in the stock market. It does not work and remove your tunnel vision in investing. Please, no genius can time the market in any year or month. In addition, do not put all your eggs in one basket or a piece of stone will destroy all your eggs or future wealth. Please, keep your investment-simple and boring, you will have enough wealth and money to enjoy life. Always look at the mutual funds to see its performance over a 10 year period.


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