Things to do or not do in an interview.

Always prepare questions to ask the interviewer and make sure that the questions are appropriate. Examples of the best way to prepare for these questions are listed below and discuss throughout the article. Everyone enjoys talking about their own stuff and themselves. Remember that the goal after the interview is to sale yourself to the interviewer and show them that you are an asset for their company. Ask them, if there is an impending project that you can help the company, once you get started with them. Do not focus on your own selfish idea for the moment, always referring to what you can do to add value to them and help grow the company's bottom line. Kindly ask the interviewer if there is anything, he or she will like you to work on as you are waiting for their reply and when they will like you to write an email/call them to find out their answer to your application. Always extend thank you to them for the opportunity and write an email after the interview for taking the time to interview you. Remember, always wearing a smile in everything.


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