The decision today will not only affect you, your present family, but your future family, and legacy.

To build a successful future, it depends on us to make our dream or break our path to an amazing journey. We can only win, if we set out goals and visions for our successful future. If, we did not set out goals to win in life, we will not win. For those who refuses to set goals or try to forget about it intentionally will always have difficult trying to succeed in this game called life. The decision that you and I set today can be the change we need in life and help win in the process. In addition, if we continues to forget about our future, it is not only us that will struggle but our family, future generation, and our legacy in life. Everyone have a legacy that we leave behind and it is not only the rich that leave a legacy. But, the common person on the street has one too. Remember that every single decision that we make in life have a Pro and Con.  Ten or Fifteen years down the road, the goal for everyone is to live a life that we will be proud off close to the end of our life. Make your decision count today, tomorrow, and forever. What legacy are you leaving behind for your children, grandchildren, spouse, and future generation. Remember the old saying whatever you sow, that you shall also reap.  You cannot plant carrot and get onion during harvest time. That small decision today, can be the heartache of your entire life. Even though, I have made a few head turning decisions lately. But, I know that in the long run, it will provide and protect my future and progress. I know, learning a new concept is very difficult, but taking the time to learn and study something different like understanding the importance of your daily decisions are extremely important. The question that I consistently ask myself everyday is will this decision or goal lead me to my destination in the next five to ten years? What is your plan within the next five years, if your decision does not lead you to the future plan then I will ask you to think twice on that decision? Your decisions make your tomorrow to be great and successful. Next week blog will be "You only live once not twice, so make good use of it with your money".


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